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Program 2022
Date Theme Place Price Contact and comments
P 2020-14-08 au 16-08 the creative warrior festival Ruse, Bulgarie The event will include:
wushu, taichi, qigong, warming up, health complexes, games, pantomime, folk dances, music and more ... workshops, demonstrations, teamwork, creative challenges ...
You can choose at any time what and how to join.
Everyone is welcome!
The idea is the festival to include a wide range of participants
- adults, young people and children,
- Open to the new, the unusual.
- Followers of tradition
- Incorporating different arts and creative reunions, different points of view and perspectives.
the main theme of the event:
Movement, thought and breathing
- interconnection between taichi, wushu, qigong, tui shou/push hands/, pantomime, folk dance, music, painting, etc.
- interconnection between taichi and health, youth, vitality
- interconnection between taichi and other arts
- creative application of this knowledge and their general principles
information: Iskra Boneva e-mail:
M 2022-01-01 Taichi at Sunrise 8.10 La Vue des Alpes
M 12-2-2022 / 7h35 Sunrise Taichi la vue des alpes
P 2022-26-2 au 2022-1-3 Taste of Tai Chi / Taste of Clay La Grange à Outeaux, 1590 route de Durtal, 71470 Montpont-en-Bresse (F)
M 26-03-2022 / 6h20 Taichii Sunrise La vue des alpes
M 30-04-2022 / 6h10 Sunrise Taichi la vue des alpes
M 21- 05 - 2022 / 5h45 Sunrise Taichi la vue des alpes
P 30-05 au 05-06-2022 round and earthy Lunigiana Italie cours € 350 + € 30 m a five day full immersion in tai-chi principles with Cornelia Gruber and Roberta Polizzi
M 25-06-2022 / 5h30 Sunrise Taichi la vue des alpes
M 25-06-2022 / 8h30-10h Taichi Philosopher's café chapelle Vue des Alpes Discussion about the questions that were put to Sifu Bow Sim Mark
P 29-07 au 31-07-2022 Meeting Jasnière Marçon/ France € 105 / € 130 Workshop C.Gruber:increasing the feeling of Qi.
M 30-07-2022 / 6h Sunrise Taichi la vue des alpes
P 20 et 21-08-2022 Les Matinales Neuchâtel Sport days by the lake, organised by the city of Neuchâtel
M 27-08-2022 / 6h40 Sunrise Taichi la vue des alpes
M 24-09-2022 / 7h15 Sunrise Taichi aux SOMMETRES Fr. 20
M 24-09-2022 / 10h30-12h café philo tai-chi Au sommet de SOMMETRES, le Noirmont
P 03-10 au 08-10-2022 Leung Yi Chuan Lalita (Es) Cost (teaching only)for 6 full days, 400 Euros

Registration and informations :
M 22-10-2022 / 7h55 Sunrise Taichi la vue des alpes
M 22-10-2022 / 9h30-11h café philo tai-chi Société de Consomation
M 19-11-2022 / 7h30 Sunrise Taichi la vue des alpes
P 1911-2022 / 10h30-12h café philo tai-chi BarLounge New Feeling, Rue de la Serre
M 17-12-2022 / 8h00 Sunrise Taichi la vue des alpes
M 17-12-2022 / 9h30-11h café philo tai-chi BarLounge New Feeling
M 01-01-2023 / 8h15 Sunrise Taichi la vue des alpes


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