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Program 2018
Date Thème Lieu Prix Contact et commentaires
M 01.01.2018
Sunrise Tai-Chi La Vue des Alpes
M 2018-10-02/ 19h Traditional pot luck Salle de Tai-Chi
M 2018-02-24/ 7h10 Tai-Chi sunrise La Vue des Alpes
M 2018-03-24/ 6h20 Tai-Chi sunrise La Vue des Alpes
P 2018-07-04 et 08-04 Dragon Fan partner form SAINTES F Saintes F
Registration and information:
M 2018-04-21/ 6h20 Tai-Chi sunrise La Vue des Alpes
M 2018-05-26/ 5h30 Tai-Chi sunrise La Vue des Alpes
M 2018-06-23/ 5h25 Tai-Chi sunrise La Vue des Alpes
P 2018-30-06 Tai-Chi in the park Bern gratuit Meeting and training with the Swiss Federation of Taijiquan and Qigong
M 2018-07-21/ 5h50 Tai-Chi sunrise La Vue des Alpes
M 11.08.2018
sunrise tai-chi at the lake Areuse Sunrise Tai-Chi at the lake of Neuchâtel at Mady's. RV on Friday at 6pm for a potluck supper and with a tent to camp at the lake.
M 2018-08-25/ 6h35 Tai-Chi sunrise La Vue des Alpes
M 2018-09-15/ 7h05 Tai-Chi sunrise La Vue des Alpes
P 2018-22-09 et 23-09 Gianfranco Pace: water qigong Salle de Tai-Chi La Chaux-de-Fonds 250.- Gianfranco Pace
Born the 15th of June 1969, he began studying Chen style Taijiquan when he was a teenager under the guidance of M. Shi Rong Hua, who instructed him with a 'family' sort of teaching. After about ten years of learning, in 1998 he travelled through China seeking the effective qualities of Taijiquan. Under the advice of his teacher, in 2001 he went to study to Chenjagou, cradle of Taijiquan, living in M. Chen Xiao Xing's home. When he came back to Italy, he attended the seminars of several Masters of the 19th generation of the Chen family. In 2003 he founded the ITKA, International Taijiquan Kung Fu Association, proposing the entire traditional technical program, enriched by other exercises and his own method of teaching which as a result of his own practice experience.
He has been invited to teach in different countries for his effectiveness in Taijiquan: in Europe as well as in many Italian cities, in Spain, Germany, England...For five consecutive years he has been teaching in New York, he also held seminars in Florida, Chile, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Argentina
P 2018-05-10 au 14-10 Contact Tai-Chi Chuan Lalita (Es) Cost (teaching only)for 6 full days, 300 Euros
Or 70 Euros per day

Workshop briefing sunday evening Oct 7 at 9pm
Workshop starts on monday morning Oct 8 at 8am
Workshop ends on saturday evening Oct 13 at 9pm

Registration and informations :
M 2018-10-27/ 8h Tai-Chi surise La Vue des Alpes
M 2018-11-10/ 7h20 Tai-Chi sunrise La Vue des Alpes
P 24-25.11.2018
Sa 10h-17h
Di 9h-16h
Peter Den Dekker Zhan Zhuang Salle de Tai-Chi, Bellevue 22, La Chaux-de-Fonds 250.- Only by inscription.
Limited number of participants!

Standing Chi Kung is the practice of subtle internal connections of the body. It offers ways to understand how body, mind and breathing are intimate related. The research and strengthening of the human core is done in still postural training. The further deepening and testing of the core with the help of in slow and repetitious movements. The application of it all is through fast and intuitive moves, which uses all the bodily and mental resources.

Standing Chi Kung is a method to rediscover well-being, as well as recover and rehabilitate. The foundation lays in deep relaxation, first in lying down postures practiced in a safe environment. After that a whole sequence of postures and movements will follow. Deep relaxation and inner connectedness can thus be practiced under more demanding circumstances. The training will develop a rare mixture of relaxation and strength, which soon will be integrated in daily life.

Parallel on the way of health there is the development of martial art skills. Instead of learning forms, which maybe empty, the martial abilities are again developed from the very core. A circle expanding form its midpoint. Deep relaxation and interconnectedness needs to be maintained under higher and unexpected pressures and challenges. The simple practice of standing postures open the way for a marvelous development of martial art.
M 2018-12-15/ 8h Tai-Chi sunrise La Vue des Alpes


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