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Cours du Jeudi 14 juillet à Marin dans la Salle IKM  (rue des Champs-Montant 12 C)


And if you were pretending to spend your holidays in China this summer ?
From 4 July to 12 August, during the lunch break, with your rice bowl picnic and your chopsticks,
take the time to introduce you to Tai-Chi Chuan in the Park of Museums (MIH) in la Chaux-de-Fonds.
Tai-Chi Parc Estival

12h15 - 13h15
TAI-CHI Parc Estival

 Parc des Musées (MIH)
La Chaux-de-Fonds

Sam 30.07-6h05 Sunrise Tai-Chi

La Vue des Alpes

Attention from July 4th  (closing of  the hall Rue du plan 3, Neuchâtel)
The courses by the lake will take place in the new venue IKM hall at Marin (rue des Champs-Montant 12 C)

New schedules 2016

The new manuel Combined Tai-Chi Chuan (67 mouvements)
by Cornelia Gruber-Bilgeri is available in the Shop
Clin d'oeil du 22 octobre 2013 Canal Alpha
« Tai-Chi à La Vue-des-Alpes: méditer et saluer le soleil »

canal alpha

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