Marianne Clairon

Calligraphy on vegetable paper

Marianne Bugle, born in Zurich in 1958. Secondary studies, then I leave to discover the world and my kind.

After a long period of voyages, I come back from Africa with a need of independence and creativity. Then I imagine my professional life and I open my workshop in 1980. I work leather there, then paper and finally the calligraphy. I am irremediably an autodidact and I evolve in my passions like a tree, with the liking of the wind.

I let guide myself for this exposure by the taoist thought and the reading of Lao-tseu. And it is the texts of the "Old Master" I will paint in Latin writing, on a vegetable paper of my manufacture.

Saturday on September 3 at 17h00 to October 23 in the restaurant of P'tit Paris

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