Song Arun (France)
Observe, adapte, act. Which strategy in every day life?

Song Arun

Song Arun is the director and chief instructor of the "Art et Harmonie Association" of Colmar. He perpetuates the teachings of his master Chen Liang Chao since well over 10 years. Song's teachings are emphasizing the aspect of well-being and harmonization in a holistic way, including: energy, emotion, mental and body.

Cordyddne Bartz (Germany)
108 old Yang following Yang-Ban Hou

Cordyddne Bartz

Cordyline has been practicing Taijiquan for more than 19 years. He is the director and head instructor of the Taijiquan-Institute of Mahlow near Berlin. In 1993, Master Yang ZhenHe officially entrusted Cordyline as the representative of 6th generation Original Yang style.

Christian Bernapel (France)
Taiji quan and movement

Christian Bernapel

Intention, respiration and movement are the sources of Taiji quan. We will study the energetic tracks of movement in space.

Christian teaches Taiji Quan and energetic approachs of taoist practice in Strasbourg, France. He is the co-author of: Taiji Quan, Teaching and Practice of the Eight Gates and Thirteen Postures. Editor Encre.


Luc Defago (Switzerland)
Tuishou - a way to one's self, a way towards the other

Luc Defago

Luc began the study of Taiji Quan in 1975 along with the chinese language and psychology, which he completed in 1979. He studied in Beijing and Taiwan from 1979 to 1982 M.T.C. (chinese medecin) and Yang-style Taiji Quan in the secret transmission (Yangjia Michuan Taiji Quan), Qi Gong and Nei Gong with Master Wang Yennien. Luc teaches Taiji since 1982. He continued his formation with master Wang Yennien, 4th generation Yang-style, in Europe and Taiwan. He teaches in Geneva and Lausanne

Georgi Denichin (Bulgaria)
The Spine Exersise as Taught By The Late Grandmaster Shi Minh, and Other Taiji Exercises

Georgi Denichin

Georgi has his own school in Sofia, Bulgaria. Before taiji, he was a judoka for almost 10 years, and also practiced various Korean and Japanese martial arts.

He started taiji in 1979 in New York with the late master Franklin Kwong and from 1980 through 1983 studied with Grandmaster William Chen. During his stay in China from 1991 to 1992 he studied with several masters, namely Grandmaster Shih Ming (who died in June 2000).

In 1997 he was invited by Grandmaster Teng Shi-hai to Taiwan to continue his studies of taiji, living there for 5 months . Master Teng has appointed his student, master Yang Ting-wei, who is the head master of the Yang Taiji school in Taitung city, to be his personal teacher and he has lived and practised in his school during his Taiwan visits. He has also been taught by Master Teng Shi-hai.


Dan Docherty (Scotland)
Shuai Jiao, Qin Na and Die Pu

Dan Docherty

Dan has trained in martial arts since 1971 in Tai Chi Chuan since 1975 under Master Cheng Tin-Hung. He was open weight full contact champion at the 1980 South East Asian Martial Arts Championships. He has a post graduate diploma in Chinese. He now teaches Tai Chi Chuan widely in Europe and is the author of several books on Tai Chi Chuan.


Cornelia Gruber-Bilgeri (Switzerland)

Cornelia Gruber-Bilgeri

Cornelia Gruber is the organizer of this year's Taiji rhenan meeting.

This workshop will give you a chance to get a taste of working with the fan. We will explore left and right handed techniques. We will also work in partners to discover the power of the fan as a Tai-Chi weapon.

Bob Lowey (Scotland)
1. Daoying Qigong, 2. Tai-Chi walking stick

Bob Lowey

Bob Lowey has studied martial arts since the 1960's.In 1970 he began studying chinese martial arts and became a qualified instructor in 1979. To compliment his skills he studied Tai Chi Chuan in 1982 and established the 7stars school in 1986. He belongs to the technical panel and executive committee of the Tai Chi Union of G.B.

Heikki Nouisiainen (Scotland)
Push hands drills with locks

Heikki Nouisiainen

In this workshop we explore movements using push hands drills in order to start a creative process. We begin with the study of peng, lu, ji, an, and continue on to including locks, maybe kicks, sweeps and punches, always maintaining a push hands frame.

Heikki has been training for over 20 years and is a professional tai-chi teacher for 13 years. His main teachers are Choong Hock Hoong, Lawrence Leong and Dan Docherty. He is also participating in competition events.


Helmut Oberlack (Germany)
18 movements taiji-qigong

Helmut Oberlack

Helmut Oberlack, practicing taijiquan since 1981, qigong 1985, playing mainly Taiji-yangstyle, Taiji-sword and 18 movements Taiji-qigong, co-founder of the Taijiquan and Qigong Netzwerk Deutschland, and publisher of the Taijiquan & Qigong Journal


Epi van de Pol (Netherlands)
Relaxation of knees and ankles

Epi van de Pol

In 1975 I started to train Taijiquan, teaching since 1979. Since December 1983 I am the chairman of the STN (association Taijiquan Netherlands). The STN invites many teachers and organizes a yearly international tournament. Also President of the TCFE (Taijiquan and Qigong Federation for Europe). The main influences in my Taijiquan were William Chen, Wang Yen Nien, Serge Dreyer, Chu King Hung, Peter Ralston, Patrick Kelly and Wee Kee Jin. It is all Yangstyle. I was invited to teach all over Europe. My main interest in Taijiquan are the principles and pushing hands. Other activities: I am a naturopath and teacher in homoeopathy and TCM (traditional chinese medicine).


Duc-Laï Tran (France)
Spirals of arms and legs

Duc-Laï Tran

Laï is director and main professor at the Association Arts & Traditions of Asia in Mulhouse (F). He practice Tai-Chi Chuan since 1982 (Zhao, Original Yang and Chen styles). He studied with Yves Blanc in Paris and then became student of Chu King Hung in London. He studied Chi Kong in Guangzhou and Beidaihe, China. He is confirmed teacher of ITCCA and professor authorized by the Minister of Youth & Sports.

Cate Wallis (Switzerland)
Reeling silk

Cate Wallis

Cate has been teaching martial arts in Switzerland and Tai-Chi Chuan in particular since 1982. She has founded her own school, Tai Chi Do, in Bienne in 1982 . She hosts twice a year her present master Chen Xiao Wang who's style she is teaching Shao-Fan Zhu (Switzerland): surprise

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